Friday, February 16, 2007

after a cuppa latte & heaploads of head-banging music..

me and leitheng caught up with our lives in the whole of last year!~ funny how when circumstance forces you to, a year full of girlish chitter-chatter can be compressed into a measley 2-hour slot. but i love how the two of us pick up where we last left off. it was a very intensive two hour of updates & pouring of woes... and the conversation was constantly speckled with random "oh man! i STILL don't believe how much weight charles has lost.." its soooo unfair!

anywhos, we met at charles's rock & roll/heavy metal music store in peninsula which in itself is the most out of the world experience for me. for one, the entire shop is black and dark & full of posters & black tees & albums.. super cool!!! but i was told once that my fushia short skirt & bright orange toga may very well drive his customers away so i was trying real hard to wear something dark... =)


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