Thursday, January 11, 2007

sore eyes...

this morning, my contacts did not want to go to work. but in the name of vanity, my eyes are bulging and watery and absolutely hideous! how nice it would be if i could wake up one day and the world is clear!

after reading this thread, i was really inspired and did my research on lasik operation. still wayyy out of my league financially but my contact lenses, and high index eyeglasses and solution are not the cheapest things around in the first place. 

contacts/ per 6 months = $200 +
specks = $100 +
solution = $10 per month

*hmm* when i was in pre-school it was so cool to wear specs. i was so proud to be the ONLY little girl with bright red metal frames (at that time metal frame is a sign of grown-upness) but now, its totally NOT cool anymore.. *grr*


  1. never regret~
    you'll never regret having lasik~ compare to how much trouble you go through with contacts and specs...come to Korea for it! love you!

  2. Re: never regret~
    HAH! i love the "come to Korea" for it part!!! the trip may cost me more than the operation itself!


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