Friday, January 12, 2007

about Wediquettes

in the name of work-related research,  (not to alert wedding-bells) i have been reading wedding books and have unlimited access to all bridal magazine in US of A and have been catching up on some 'western' wedding traditions that you rarely hear about back home. 

like the first dance. i absolutely love it ! i think its a beautiful moment where everyone spares the couple a self-indulgent moment on the dancefloor and they will then invite their parents and future parents-in-law for dances and the dance floor is open!! its like the bridal marh/walk-in everytime the bride has a costume change!!! 

oh! and i love the concept of wedding favors. i think that its the little things that make weddings stand out and memorable!! i even picked some of my corny but super cute wedding favors wayyy before i pick my groom. *snigger*


anyways, i was discussing this topic with a soon to be married friend about wedding traditions and was reminded how you can't steal traditions from whichever cultures you like. you have to BELONG!!! but i chose to differ. if a bride can pick her wedding location, religious institutions to be solemnized in, bridal dress, wedding favors, why cant she pick something and make it a tradition thats means something to the couple? 

i remember my uncle's wedding. his young bride really really wanted the cantonese tradition of  teasing/ka-toe-ing/bullying the groom at the doorstep of the bride and my grandmama flatly said "no."(bless her heart. she is the sweetest lady but just very very traditional) because we aren't hainanese. it stuck to my mind till today. all she wanted was a chance to poke some fun, inject some life into a quiet boring morning and probably make her husband have to "work" to get her... *shrugs* oh. who cares. to each their own. 

oh! im super happy today. my chacha / tango class has started!!


  1. hey, those are such cute wedding favors! I agree with you that it would be really nice if we can just break the rules alittle once in awhile. =p

  2. dear! these are so beautiful. what novel wedding favors! if u ever become a wedding planner would u plan mine?
    wow dear u are learning dancing?? cool!

  3. of course i will! =) so when's the date!? yeah.. im doing ballroom dancing now..

  4. i just think wedding favors should be personalized instead of generic chocolates & fruit cake that is so hard you can break a teeth on it..=)


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