Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas feast for the royals!

YUMS! look at whats on our dinner table!!

le menu::
Greek Salad (judy)
Korean Beef Stir Fry (judy)
Mango, avocado, crab sushi (christine)
mash potatoes (zhingy)
brocolli casserole (zhingy)
dinner rolls (zhingy)
White wine & herb chicken (zhingy)
Potato skin with cheese & bacon bits (zhingy)
Heaps of cookies (zhingy)
Egg H’ordouves (marcin)
Yummy Wines (JJ)


Judy & Christine, Me & Marcin

JJ & Silly me! =)

can't wait to open presents on Christmas day!!! *woohoo*

merry christmas folks! love you all! xx


  1. Haha I like the "silly me" pic! :P MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. ooooooo!! lotsa familiar faces!!!! anyways...merry merry xmas my dear. sorry ur love parcel's taking so long...i'll make sure it reaches u as soon as i stop work=P heehee...-hugs-

  3. merry merry christmas too deario.. i miss you silly. dont' worry about the lvoe parcel. im already feeling the lurve1 =)


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