Sunday, October 15, 2006

grooves in the parking lots

Four young girls (no older than 10) came to me to asked if they could use my car stereo system to play their music. i since im not due to go to work till 7pm, i thought why not. and they started dancing, free-styling, swaying, bobbing, swirling to the music right in the middle of the parking lot! well, being paranoid, and worried that they may steal my car, i carried my laptop to do some work at my door. and its has been so fascinating just watching them dance and correct each other moves to 'make it right'. it was so fun!

dance comes in so many forms. and i daresay all is beautiful in their own way. back in JC (blame the communist nanyang education i was put through), dancing in clubs was no more than sleezy, gyrating move that replicated mating act.. i have ever since changed my minds. some dancers make it look real effortless & hot!!

all these years, i've been yanked reluctantly to the dance floor, only to execute very painful n stiff step-touch-step-touch moves. and i've heard so many "what? u're a dancer and you cant dance?" and i even had a clubbing crash-course with LT in my $5-per-hour part-time job little office cubicle where she tried to teach me some cool moves. but to no avail.. its just a mental block that once my next step is not in the choreography, i cant move!

maybe one day i should just shed my inhibition & self-conciousness, and just shake my booty for its worth. maybe i will try, after a few shots. ok better go break the party before my battery runs flat and i cant get myself to work at 7pm! =)


  1. humans are born to move...its something in everyone of us. so let go and DANCE!!!!!

  2. -chuckles- u can always attempt tae-bo on the dance floor~ rofl...


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