Friday, October 13, 2006

that blasted red car..

costed me a flippin' $500 USD!!! *grouch* something about the brakes & wheels.. how can such ugly things cost so much!?

and so after the painful reduction from bank account, i have to consider really really carefully. should i go to new york in Nov?

YES! NYC, here i come!!! :
1) Its only USD$120!!
2) I can see AIRY!!!! & ALEX again.
3) I really need more shoes now that its fall and open toe shoes with frozen toes are so not hot.

1) At $120, i can already buy 2 pairs of shoes..
2) I wanna go to NY again in Feb when Carol, Dick & Deaf comes! and again in Xmas!
3) I really should be visiting other states in NY
4) and.. our hot beach xmas vacation in Dominican Republic is going to need some serious saving up!!

how?? and best part is last night i was talking to song and sharing my wise-ole-sister advice about how to spend his allowances wisely..


  1. pt #3 in YES!NY should really be in YES!STAY HOME rite? so many plus pts in the latter, u shld really tahan a little longer and then go crazy with that saved up $$$

  2. oh no... so it means i should go newyork for shoe shopping!!

  3. i think sillyfaery makes sense leh. u make staying @ home sound more "fruitful"'s almost as if u already have decided to stay leh. eupsies thinks u shld...STAY AT HOME!!! esp since gg to NY in feb is part of ur stay-home benefits...u can always meet alex and co. then wad=)

  4. I'm rooting for #2 in Yes! NY!!! it'll be sooooo fun!!! ~ don't think i need to say who i am. hee.

  5. difficult..............boohoo......
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove NY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    well I should say we 'GIRLS'..hehe

  6. i know babess.. i know =( tough one. if i go there i won't have any money to spend. seriously that $500 was my NY stash! damnit.

  7. Re: difficult..............boohoo......
    hehe... *hugs* glad you back!

  8. okie i know what you mean about that. i'm not exactly very rich now myself too. sighhhhhh. i've been overspending like mad! bleah. okie, you decide. i just wanna say i miss you!!!

  9. bwahahaha.. choices choices.. im thinking of going to look for xiao mei mei as well. i miss switz!


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