Tuesday, October 31, 2006

good returns!

found out that i was (4) different types of taxes: Social Security, Medical, Federal and State Taxes when i was supposed to be paying only the last two! so i get tax rebate in the middle of the year!! yahoo!! its like finding a dollar coin in an old pair of jeans! 

woohoo! not quite a windfall but hey! better than nothing! 

also, last week, when we were attending a Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce October-fest party, i won 5th prize in the raffle! when they called my number, i was so shocked i almost yanked Kate's arms out of her socket going "is that me? is that me?" hehe.. and i won the following:

1) one night stay in Sheraton (saving it for xmas)
2) $25 bucks dining voucher for any restaurant in Williamsburg
3) (1) free termite pest control (gave to Michelle)
4) $100 Cintas Voucher (gave to Kelly to buy bowling team sweaters)
5) $30 Aromas voucher (gave to Kate just cos.) (oh! and also cos i was yanking her arms off... heh!)

not too bad! 

and Kortez won the Kingsmill basket that i put together! if i knew he was going to win i would have stuffed it silly with cool thingalings!


  1. happppy halloween babe!
    and congrats on all the goodies u 've won!

  2. *boo!* happy halloween too! where you spending your halloween??


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