Sunday, November 5, 2006

updates for the week!

Halloween treats throught-out the week! 

i like "just because" gifts & flowers!!! 

my messy post-party home and more home-made treats! (checkout the bikini-clad blob of a cookie!)

my new sweater!! finding the underarm flappiness a tad bit too young for me.. 

but loving the warm eskimo look!! (yes.. so hiao to pose in front of mirror!) 

adios, amigos! stay warm!!


  1. babe! the tree is so beautiful. i love autumn.
    and i like the furry hood u've got there too!

  2. nice pics! love ur eskimo jacket heh

  3. nice!
    so warm and fuzzy - the pics and the mood.

  4. yay! u finally got the furry hood thingy u've always wanted! is the inside of the hood furry too?

  5. thank you!=) yeah i love the colors.. but the allergies are killing me!

  6. nope.. this is a cheap-ass fako one! only the outside is furry, the rest of the hoodie is normal material..

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! :) not just the tree la. you!


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