Thursday, September 28, 2006


for those that have seen me in person, i am totally NOT model-material in every sense.. so was quite shocked to see this on NTU website when i was surfing to look for my lecturer's email addy! (i must justify. i wasn't purposely searching for my face!) but look! im on the internet! oh and dick told me im on NTU alumni donation card too!! cool!!!

excuse me, while i bask in my moment ok!?

point to note: above all other physical attributes why i would never be America's next top model (or any country's next top model period.) i have this undeniable huge goofy grin! i just do not know how else to take picture!!

damn.. no wonder they didn't pick me to be in this cool, look farawy shot... =)

i kinda miss NTU.


  1. Jealousy
    hey been surfing around and saw this....there's a reason why certain people have no choice but to be in those faraway shots, becos personally some pple like myself cant do most shots, and this is a last resort...basically unlucky people like me that cant smile...
    Either way, you and Joanne definitely more top model material than Ling in this cycle's haha
    Guy in the shot

  2. whee! poster gal! luv the hair~ did they style it or it's juz ur normal oh-i-cannot-be-bothered thing? anyways...goofy grin is gooood!! not everybody can do a perfect =D smile u knowwww...

  3. OMG!!!! u are our SCI model babe! u look great... in fact.. all 4 of u :)

  4. happy birthday babe!!!! i know im one day late but hope u had fun on your birthday!!!!
    and you looked very good in the poster!

  5. Re: Jealousy
    awwww.. thats so sweet of you! =)
    and, guy in the shot, you do look very cool! miss seeing ya around! hope all is well with you!

  6. oops.. now it seems like i was fishing for compliments... but thanks anyway

  7. thank you thank you!! you in shanghai yet?

  8. its a normal crazy zhing hair but yes. same fako smile! =)

  9. no love, but i'm flying on nov 1st ( i think)
    contract details to be finalised this fri


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