Sunday, September 10, 2006

things i love:: cold dinner

one of the crazy things i learnt from kate who brought me for my first cold breakfast....

step 1: pick your favorite flavors: white chocolate, strawberry & vanilla.

step 2: pick from their amazing selection of toppings. ::banana, cheesecake and fresh strawberries naturally!

step 3: watch them squish the whole icecream together. kinda nasty looking.. but fear not, the best is yet to come!

step 4: yum yum!! eat it before it drips!. this is serving for one. i couldn't even flatten the gooey, swishy, yummy mess so had to scoop some out and take-home the rest!!

yes. yes.. i know. the calories, the lack of nutrition.. but i really did enjoy my cold dinner! :)

thanks, kate!


  1. Oooo I love Cold Stone too! My fave's the cheesecake ice cream mixed with choc brownie :)~

  2. omg, i LOVE, LOVE coldstone. they have ginormous portions and i can never finish them myself!

  3. Wow that sounds amazing... *dribbledribbleSLURP*

  4. i liked the cheesecake with yellow cake and strawberry!! but i will try the choc brownie one soon! =) sounds yums!

  5. it is.. =) its sinfully satisfying!!

  6. i know! but yet everytime i walk in, i will psych myself and tell myself:
    "this time is different, lady! you CAN finish it all.."
    greedy.. tsk!


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