Tuesday, September 5, 2006

men in tights

always thought that after dance, i have seen it all. and im immune to it all

men in tights, men in make up, men in see through halter tops, men with rippling muscles.. *drool...* i could costume change in 8 counts of 8 without tripping over my own feet gawking at my fellow male dancers half naked. men in their most feminine form, i was cool with it.

i thought. and i thought wrong.

that day at Jazzercise class, this mid-50s gentlemen joined the class. he was sweaty, he had bicycle shorts, hairy legs, beer gut, bald spot and everything. he kept checking his reflection in the mirror and i was next to him... the more he bounced and skipped around, the further i tried to power-squat away from him still politely smiling at him everytime he checks himself out. until the instructor said "grab a partner and have some fun!! "

good lord. you have never seen a girl kick-ball-change so fast across the class...


  1. OMG!!!!!! Muwaaaahahhahahhahahhahhahahahhahahahaha
    please do use ur hp and take a picture of him next time in class. U can jete to him take a photo and quickly KICK BALL CHANGE to the opposite end of the class....
    so funny la...this post is cheery :PPPP

  2. EWWWWW... *shivers* i cannot handle middle age men trying to act young and recapture their youth!! couldn't he have turned to golf? *blah*
    i love you and all shir, but the answer is no. and if he turns up in class and stands next to me, i will accidentally grande battement him in the butt.


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