Sunday, August 27, 2006

lesson learnt: do NOT plan your own wedding

sitting at my desk in between entree & cake-cutting ceremony.
i was thinking of the bride... 
she was kinda the ultimate control freak.

and i dare say she made herself the unhappiest bride i've ever seen. for one, she booked all her DJs, videographer, florist by herself so she had to touch base with them and come in to check out during the set up. that seemed like a lot of work...

and she was so adamant about having sparklers 07 seconds after the start of the song "you're my inspiration".. and her first dance was plainfully so stiff and stressed. of course she did count 7 seconds before turning to check on the sparklers!

not to mention, she'd wanted us to box everything up, table numbers, centerpieces, EVERY SINGLE THING. i think she was that close to asking us to take-away leftover food *raises eyebrows*. i would usually do that at a drop of the hat but have more faith in your wedding coordinator, woncha?

i guess i am a control freak too. i like to do wedding with me in control. not the bride.

*indignant flick of hair*


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