Saturday, August 26, 2006

work:: desktop fluff

(3) random things lying at my work desk::

1) sparklers all plugged in ready to go!!

2) fun toys to brighten up my desk! always thought this was a pink mole but just realized that if i squish the playdoh out, my pink mole becomes a rabbit!!

3) my bloomies for the week!!! ain't the hydrangeas gorgeous!! the blend of blue & purple reminds me of eye make-up!!

i had a good week! workwise, managed to strike most things off my to-do list! home-wise, i've been slacking so lots of catching up for me to do this weekend! yippee! :)


  1. is this at home or at wk? i love the flowers!

  2. at work!! hehe.. without my fluff, everything is boring n grey!


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