Friday, June 2, 2006

good things:: my lunchbox

Been carrying my tupperware in ugly plastic bags and rejected various offers from concerned colleagues to get me a more presentable lunchbag cos i wanted something special!

I was eyeballing a Strawberry Shortcake one that had a waterbottle attached to it which reminded me of the Carebear one that i used to carry to primary school and at the same time i was toying with the idea of getting a bento box so there are little chopstix to eat noodles with !! i was torn having to make such tough decisions...

but when i saw this at Carytown, Richmond, last week, i knew she was "the one"!!

check out all these chinese words i had to enlist mum's help! i had fun trying to read them in the car to Noey, only to confirm that my chinese language is really horrendous. still cute.


  1. xian1 xi4 jing1 mei3, jing1 xin1 zhun3 bei4=) nanyang girl nanyang girl...hahaha~ ur new brief case looks kinda cool~

  2. That is really nice and exquisite!! u made the right choice! :-)

  3. thanks! happy lunch boxes makes packing lunches more fun as well~!!

  4. its not a lunchbox~~ =( my lunch box! oh and this summer, there are a lot of army print tops and bottom! suddenly thought of tania when i saw them! =)


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