Wednesday, May 31, 2006

summer begins!!

memorial day weekend marks the start of summer for people here. that's when the pools open, people start setting up their grills, garden sets, tanning beds, going to beach, etc and so to totally immerse myself in the whole us experience, i decided to follow suit! and my weekend was a blast!! We hopped into the car and off to Virginia Beach the second i moved into my new apartment!!

Virginia beach wasn't the prettiest, sea wasn't the cleanest but i was so thrilled just being there in my flip flops and cheap beach mat that i didn't quite care! there were many cool shops around selling random beach thingalings & raw bars & clubs & icecream palours and everything was open till late!! i had lotsa fun browsing through the piercing stores, pewter jewellery, vintage photography studios (where you dress up as cowboys or colonial people & get portraits taken)! and tattoo palours half the time my mind was screaming "what's with the fascination with chinese characters?" they had one that read "tong2 xin4 lian4" (meaning: homosexuals) without offending anyone out there, its not even a nice sounding/looking chinese word!!

We had dinner at a nice cozy italian restaurant which had great service & ordered wayyy more than our tummies can contain (as usual!!) and the cutest part was the juke-box at every booth. slide a quarter in and you can pick from the most random list of songs. they had oldies, modern madonna tunes, sappy tunes. the whole ambience was so chill and relaxed!! i love the beach!

i thought this was real fun! but i wasn't drunk enough to try it! =)

you sit in the booth and sing and they will make music videos of your bobbing heads! hehe.. so cute and so much like kara-ok at home!

and when seth & noel was out on their jet ski, they saw dolphins who were doing tricks and swimming around them!! i wish i saw it as well but i was too much of a wuss to swim in the sea. all i could muster up my courage to do was to stand in the crashing waves and shriek...

here's my parting shot of the beach!! i'll be back!!!


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