Monday, May 8, 2006

housing woes

just woke up from a nap and gonna get on the shuttle to work soon (im babysitting tonight).. i just got an offer to move in with Noel. it will cost me an additional $200 in rent and i probably need to start looking into owning a car but its a really cute and cosy apartment and i would finally have my own space. so im kinda undecided and very torn! im currently more inclined to move out due to the present uncomfortable petty room-mate condition. i would have to sacrifice little treats in my life but at least i won't be rushing to scram of the house every night! =)

decisions, decisions, decisions.

immediately i called home and asked dad about it. and he said "go for it " and offered to help me with it but i already decided that im gonna have to suck it up and live on my own expenses... but i love it how daddy is still the most instant S.O.S helpdesk and most reliable!! thanks dad.. i miss you.

yes, not the most artistic note and im obviously dyslexic but i never knew they kept my silly notes and cards...

aiyar making me a crybaby again... *sigh*


  1. hehe too much free time to draw wake-up call requests.. *roll eyes*

  2. tt looks like 7:60~ isnt 7:60 effectively 8:00?~

  3. hee hee hee...
    so funny! and the story about your princess babysittee too.
    "Aug 99" --> HMMMMM...

  4. i know... i was already in JC and i wrote such crazy stuff.. *roll eyes*


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