Monday, May 8, 2006

running away

.. and long-distance is really wearing out my relationship with zew. i wished i had more guts to say it to him but i cant..

not yet. im scared.

and i hate it how wen got it right that this would happen.


  1. what ever it is.. You know that I'll be here for you anytime anywhere. I've got skype out too. so if you do move out and have access to a fixed line, let me know. I can call!!
    I love you babe. *HUGZ*

  2. I totally feel you on this one babe. LDR sucks. No two-ways about it. Do you really think it isn't fixable though? *hugs*

  3. probably more easily fixed if im home or going home soon.. *sigh* will "walk one step, see one step(in chinese)" i guess...

  4. thanks, babe.. unfortunately the new home doesn't have land line. another problem working against my moving out.


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