Tuesday, May 9, 2006

frou frou princess awaits..

for once, i am de-throned from the title "your royal pinkness..".

i finally found my match, this little girl i babysat, isabella is sooooo pink that even her muffins had to be pink glaced before she wanted to eat them. but she is also the sweetest little girl ever. i had the easiest time babysitting her because she liked everything that i liked and we make felt flowers and butterfly pins, necklaces, went shopping, visited game room, picked clothes for tomorrow and it was bed time!!i guess i was pretty lucky to get such a well-mannered and behaved girl on my first babysitting experience! Her mum is a VIP in the hotel and it was their anniversary so i took care of her for the evening. and im going back tonight and tomorrow night as well!

lying on the carpet with our pink footwear drying in the fireplace, we talked about her new crocs accessories (you slip these crystals bits into the holes and makes the crocs prettier..), our new (pink)pedicures, our mom's fav color, being the only gal, ballet classes, we shared things we liked about staying at home, talked about our fav cookie in the pack, had warm milk & krispy kreme for dinner. the evening was marvelous. and best part was i was getting paid while enjoying myself!

but one huuuge difference:

z: did you enjoy your flight here?
i: it was pretty ok.
z: did you get to watch tv?
t: yeah i brought my own dvd but only watched 1/2 of it (short flight from st.louis)
z: you mean they had a dvd player?
i: yeah.. and the plane was empty.
z: so you had loadsa space to stretch?
i: we could walk around. there was only mum, dad and me on the plane!

and it suddenly occured to me that she flew in on a private jet...*doink*

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  1. Maybe..... her parents are some senators or something.... woo... Z


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