Saturday, May 20, 2006

all ready for weekend

its 10:30pm and i've been at work since 8:30 in the morning. came to work to the sweetest bunch of french tulips on my desk. =) its nice to feel appreciated!! and after this weekend, the whole department is going through a huge uphaul but im still going to be my boss's assistant and will still get to do the fun stuff and weddings.

took a nice long cruise yesterday in the morning on Miss Hampton Boat down James River. The view was blah but the wind and sun was delicious! too bad i had to be in polo tee and pants for work if not i will be the first to start tanning on the top deck. No wonder Americans dig suntanning so much! The weather is so much breezier and cooler even with the sun, unlike in Singapore when you start tanning, it will get sweaty and sticky, you stay cool and dry for the whole morning!!! im looking forward to summer!! =)

p.s. flip flops and summer clothes have been unpacked!!

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  1. I'm OVERTANNED. boohooo. looking damn black now. even blacker than you!!!!!! And i've emailed you my addy coz i dunno how to click on reply! i've got stuff for you too so you gotta send me your addy too yah.


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