Tuesday, May 23, 2006


just as I thought having new wheels would bring me to places faster, we took 45 mins to get to the post office (which usually takes 15 mins on the bus) because we got lost circling around williamsburg and all we saw was trees!!

After consulting every map, squeezing every ounce of our instincts bone-dry, taking every possible wrong turn, we finally gave in and approached the tourist information counter only to find out that the post office is actually merely 5 mins drive away from home.. *doink* at least we know now...

funny how men refuse to ask for directions even though they are completely lost. my first instinct, even before checking the map, would be to roll down the window and ask whoever unfortunately pulls up next to me at the traffic light. but we had a full tank of gas, music, good company and lotsa sunshine to make our little extended road trip very very enjoyable

got to the post office 30 mins before they close for the week and immediately identified my box. it said "clothes & shoes" in mummy's familiar roundish cursive handwriting!! and the contents was soooo worth it. it was filled to the max with crackers & biscuits, some clothes n my princess ballet shoes and mumsy even slipped a couple of her newer jewellery pieces in a hello kitty pouch.. awww i miss her so much! the excitement of tearing my box apart made my fav. subway salad craving fade in comparison... =)

thank you, mum!! you made my weekend!!


  1. yay!!! what did u use to call these boxes? love parcels? anyway hor...i'll email u her pic. since u not online...i cannot give u the direct link. we SO don't look alike lah. -hmph-

  2. yeah!! its nice to receive these love parcels!!! =) i miss you phiphi!!


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