Monday, April 10, 2006

from euphie..

Four things that make me smile:
1. fitting into my skinny jeans...
2. Starbucks in the morning..
3. Flowers on my desk
4. loong emails from home

Four ways to win my heart:
1. loadsa love and cuddles
2. wit
3. patience
4. charisma

Four things i believe in:
1. Love
2. God
3. Father Christmas...
4. "too rich" or "too skinny" doesn't exist in my dictionary

Four things i am afraid of
1. not being loved
2. change
3. growing old/ fat/ ugly/ unlovable
4. my dogs dying

four things i do everyday:
1. sleep
2. think of what time it is back home and run through a mental list of what people are doing now...
3. check my email
4. do things to make myself happy

four things/people i want to see now:
1. Mocha
2. cherry blossoms tree in the wind.. (its like snow but its warm and pretty..)
3. mum & dad, everyone back home.
4.  Kenny (*wink wink*, lindora)

four people who should do this: anyone that wants to..


  1. driving
    jie, teng here. i just passed riving. 8 points yooo... anyway im going in army next friday. see you soon!

  2. Re: driving
    congrats!! WOW~!!! 8 points?!? haha next time you drive me around den! *grins* take care my baby brother!!!


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