Wednesday, April 12, 2006


blessed are the friends who rotate their off days just so i won't be alone on my weekend off day..

but i didn't quite mind the solitude and peace today, going to gym, grocery shopping, running errands here and there! ph! and i put together easter baskets this year for judy, marcin and teresa.. going to give them on friday!!! can't wait to see the smile on their faces..

i have an odd china housemate. stuffed her face in mine when i was doing my mascara this morning wanting to see how i do it.. *roll eyes* and i poked myself in my eye for the first time in 10 years!!! damnit and had to redo my whole make up again...

good thing i wasn't rushing for work if not i would have whooped her ass...grrr


  1. its a compliment darling! bet she loved the way you do your makeup so she's trying to get some tips from you!
    sounds like you are having hellava time there! take good care of yourself and post more pictures! :)

  2. Ouch... is the eye ok? z

  3. fuck! hahhahhaa. and suddenly i rem how in bkk you tried to draw on liquid eyeliner for dick and i. of cos everything went terribly wrong. hahahha

  4. *tsk* i certainly did NOT take it in good light. im not a nice person in the morning... grrr..
    im alright here babe.. missing home loads. =)

  5. but now all of you are pros!! we should have another bkk trip to learn how to stick on fake eye-lashes, no? *grins*
    isn't it scary i have been putting on make up since 13??

  6. eye was fine, eye make-up which i painstakingly shaded and colored that morning was ruined...

  7. Ha!
    Haha.. Rolls on the floor laughin.. Seems like ur odd china housemate is a jinx.. Cramping ur style after 10 blissful years.. Hold a crucifix next time she comes near u or even better a red vertical paper with chinese lettering juz like the ones for hopping chinese ghosts.. Salz

  8. Re: Ha!
    currently i just run away from her!! she's scary..


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