Thursday, March 2, 2006

tech-no frenzy!!

i must gloat.

i fixed the wireless connection in my home! all by myself!! (ok... with the help of the troubleshooting tech-helpline guy from Verizon!) *hoots* but not too bad an achievement for me!! quite hilarious when the verizon guy was sprouting totally foreign terms all jumbled in one mess! but at least its working now! yayy... real happy now!

updates on my housemates. i have a polish, a thai, a chinese. The polish is my roomie (wayy too weird..) and the others are real nice!! but we have a toilet paper problem. they bring their own wad of toilet paper each time they go to the washroom!! can you imagine!?!? and we all have different boxes of cereals, bread, jam, seasoning, everything!! we even have a grand total of 3 vacumms in the house. weird eh?

but im so ecstatic about the wireless. actually that i have made my baby step in IT! haha if only im motivated enough to learn some webpage layout or dig out my old photoshop notes den this blog won't look so boring..


  1. The hell...?? How long are you guys staying together? Why don't you just set up a communal kitty fund and plonk a couple of dollars into it for stuff like loo roll and milk, salt and pepper. *eyebrow*

  2. 1.5 years!! imagine! but den again if from the start they are so unfriendly and calculative, perhaps its better to be all clear and separate. bah.. *irritated face*


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