Monday, March 6, 2006

bowled over..

my first proper weekend in Virginia was spent at Williamsburg Lanes, their local bowling joint. it was such an out-of-the-world experience!

Firstly, when we stepped in, the word "newbie!!" was ringing throughout the alleys, and there were oldies with beer bellies and babies and basically the WHOLE family would hang out together drinking beer.(mind you it was 1130pm) And the lanes!!! they had disco balls above and was flashing different colored lights. bit tacky but on the whole it was crazy!! and the amps were blasting clubbing music so bowlers and watchers actually dance in between their game. amazing eh? (will post pictures)

but the game itself was crap. i broke my nail and my "longkang" (drain) traffic was way too busy. and halfway throught the game just as i was getting bored, suddenly the seemingly normal, beer-bellied daddy looking guy over the counter grabs this mike (like those you have in Burger King) and starts bring a dj to ask people to come to the center to shake their booty. haha... and guess what!? everyone knew the same line dances which they all boogied to, right in the middle of the bowling place!!! cool eh??? My friend Lucasz is going to download the movie and we are practicising together later!! woohoo!!! =) and while im at it, maybe i should ask dad n mum to send the step sheets for some line dances over so i can pick it up!! hee hee *grins*

im going to be line-dance queen in no time!!

but i had a great time and it sure does beat staying alone at home with my room mate on saturday night!


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