Thursday, February 2, 2006

take a bow

yayy.. finally cleared my backlog in posting pictures online! kinda cheated a weeeeebit cos i conveniently skipped graduation but i was too flustered to take much pictures. however i remember the following:

1) fireworks on euphie balcony freezing our non-leggings feet off throughout the 10 mins of fireworks.
2) seeing many friends for the last time but not feeling all that sobby cos the special ones, im seeing them again someday soon.. (we'll see..)
3) being really excited to go home
4) keeping euphie up till 3am
5) visiting grotto's for the last time and not regretting not frequenting it every weekend..

yups, so that spells the end of my earlier than expected stint in switzerland. its really pretty there but i would never wanna stay in switzerland for life. its too boring and slow paced for my liking.

*smoochies* au revior!! am going to salvage my severely damaged nails this afternoon!


  1. OMG
    Hey Zhingy,
    Salz again.. I juz realised tt ur in the SCI, NTU page. *Big Smile* U studied in NTU? I thought it was in NUS.. Which division did u major in?

  2. Re: OMG
    silly gal.. i majored in PR & Advtg! gosh that was a loooong time ago!!


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