Saturday, February 4, 2006

fondue test: passed!!

this little girl likes posing in front of cameras, telling everyone not-so-funny jokes, furry shoes, bags, ballet skirts, glittery make up, wears only pink clothes, has a pet dog/slave/doll/fan club (also formally known as younger brothers) and now she is addicted to chocolate fondue.. sounds dubiously like someone i know..*hmmmm*

and how do you explain to a little girl why its dangerous for girls to be addicted shoes, bag and chocolates?? hmmm


  1.'s one question i'd like to know the answer to. in fact, how do u explain to a grown-up lady why it's dangerous for her to be addicted to shoes, bags and chocolates?

  2. shoes n bags, bad for the pocket.. (unlike clothes.. there is never enough!!) chocs bad for the tummy. enuff said!


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