Saturday, February 4, 2006

time for ourselves...

ever since i touched down, i stepped right back to home in its most chaotic state, clothes strewn around the house, not being able to locate my comfy home shorts, living amongst my brother's manly belongings and the worst of all is.. i was still living out of my suitcase. *ashamed*

so using the excuse of our anniversary, me n zew had a thursday evening to ourselves! hurray!! and we made huge lofty plans to try something new, go novena square, eat our fav. bak kut teh, watch a movie, book hongkong tickets basically do everything we promised ourselves to do since i left home. but, as expected, none of the above happened.. we just lounged around, did random bit of packing & wrapping & solitaire and basically did nothing at all.. funnny how sometimes the most boring & mundane things in life can make you feel so accomplished! so yes!! the hugeass luggage bag is packed away and the mess has been greatly reduced!


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