Sunday, August 28, 2016


im massively exhausted after a mad (but fun-filled) weekend! i had a late night, many errands ticked off, a crooked neck and birthday parties galore... so i thought i would be relieved when B is in bed! but here i am, wide awake and brain super active because im stressed about tomorrow!

and here i am, having a little whinge to my blog! here's what on my plate for tomorrow! 

7 - walk the dogs 
8 - brekkie and school drop off
9 - yoga
10 - drop dogs off for hair cut
11 - prep dinner
1230 - work meeting
(would be nice) - print teachers' day card
4 - school pick up 
5:40 - swim class 
7 - dinner
8 - walk the dogs & beddybyes

doesn't look so crazy when i type it out! but its doing my head in!! i've gone through my packing list so many times to make sure i've got everything so i don't miss a step and the whole house of cards come crashing down!!

makes me wonder if im doing too much. is there anything in that list of things that i can drop in life? not the kid, not the dogs, not home errands, not work... hmmm. such a toughie! 

p.s. D is out of town otherwise, typically he helps out with some of these. and also, i wouldn't have to whinge online! i'd just tell him and be a sook about life... 

anyway, this too shall pass. and im already very lucky to have the quality help i have! so i'll just take a breath and work through monday! wish me luck!

UPDATE - i survived! achieved everything without a hitch and had a fabulous time! :)




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