Monday, April 25, 2016

our two little furkids....

on any given day, this is how you will find them. snuggled together on the same pillow!

even though till today, frankie is the least cuddley dog (D teases that he's a recovering sociopath), drags soiled laundry out from the laundry basket and occasionally makes oopsies around the house but i reckon it was the best decision to adopt frankie. only because what he's done for our musashi. 

there was a point where muu was really depressed, poor appetite, limping and plain miserable. then frankie came along and became his little pal. these days, it's like he has a new lease of life and dashes around the house with frankie and eats with gusto! love that about them both!

we just came back from the vet after checking on some skin allergies only to bear news about his age, cataracts and heart murmurs. given that he is 14 this year, i guess it's hardly surprising. its heart-breakng but such is life. once his skin irritation clears, we plan to bring him to the beach (even though he hates it!) but gotta make every moment count and have him around with us as much as we can!! 


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