Wednesday, March 23, 2016

new year celebrations!

gone are the days of late night partying on new year eve! we wondered if we wanted to tuck him in to bed and run out for some sort of party. the mind was very willing but the body was in exhausted!! so we decided to meet in the middle and take blake out for the 9pm family fireworks near the MCG! 

everyone was worried about parking but dad dropped us off and hopped on the train back after it was done! it was so much fun! concerts and tonnes of kids running around with bubbles and glow sticks and icecream stands.... blake talks about it fondly till now!! 

it was quite a decent firework show and by the time we got home and cleaned up it was midnight! in time for some champagne!! i reckon it was the best decision!!

happy new year clinks! 

to be even more fabulous year ahead! and the very next day, we packed up and came back to singapore to get the year started! time spent in australia is always way too short! but at least we knew that we would definitely be back in the near future! 


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  1. Was Blake very determinedly stretching to clink with you guys? Lol! Lovely photo! :)


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