Wednesday, October 1, 2014

aesop facial, singapore

if you're a huge fan of aesop (their bottle had me at hello!), i have a little secret to share! if you enjoy an occasional facial, you can pop into their store in tangs for a express facial (approximately 45mins) which includes a hand massage! the facialist is an extremely nice gentleman, cedric, who explains the products in such detail that you feel like you're chatting with your own friend!

the facial coupon is 95 dollars and is fully redeemable for their lovely product. i was prepared for super pushy sales talk (i.e. buy everything if not you will look like crap...) but after picking two items, even before i asked how much they cost, cedric said matter of factly that they should total to 95 or so and if i wanted other products, i can come back next time to get them. and chucked in a whole bunch of samples of products for me to try at home!! 

im kicking myself for not discovering this earlier when i lived much closer! if you give it a go, let me know what your favorite products are! im on a mission to buy a whole range of their yumminess!



  1. ooh that's a lovely share! I love non-pushy shop people!

    1. the second part is SO hard to come by! breathing down my neck is totally not the way to get me to spend money!

  2. I love Aesop and their customer service! You should get on their mailing list. I attended an event where they had wine and cheese, goodies on discount and a very substantial goodie bag! I love the smell of their stuff. The Geranium scrub is my favorite. oh and I love their cute drawstring bags! I put my crochet in there. :D


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