Friday, September 5, 2014

all our anniversaries...

so im the kinda girl that remembers (almost) everyone's birthday! credit to the husband's awesome archiving system, we have everyone's, partner, kid, pet and their mother's birthday... but i don't know why for some really bizarre reason, we are CRAP at remembering our own anniversary. 

and its not like we don't give a proper shot at it! we have a dating anniversary (sometime in march) and three wedding anniversaries to celebrate and you'd think we'd remember at some point. but we had our very sweet maid of honor and husband deliver champagne to our home one evening for our anniversary and was completely clueless. and then! in a tuktuk out of cambodia airport, we realized it was our wedding anniversary the night before so we called it out "anniversary trip!" lame.... 

anyway its too late to redeem myself. so i'd better remember d's birthday this year! :) thought to go down memory lane cos... holy crap we've been married for 5 years!!

first year - at our first date!! we'd been seeing each other for a while but had not officially had THE discussion (because he'd not asked THE question!!) so it was all very confusing. until one day i'd realized that he thought we'd been official since a few months ago and i was still waiting. so we went on an official real date and then he asked if i would be his girlfriend! woohoo!! 

and if how long it took him to ask me to ask me THE question was an indication, i wasn't quite expecting a proposal (the real question!) anytime soon. so when his mom popped in town to visit, i didn't think she was delivering our ring! and nine months after dating, we were engaged!! 

the year after, we were legally married. i was working in weddings back then and so we pretty much did everything DIY! we were also living in cambodia back then so we were super skinny!! hah!

the year after, we celebrated our dating anniversary with our best friends in robe at their wedding! it was such a beautiful trip and lovely wedding. and we were so glad we could fly to be there! however, we once again... forgot and started this whole thing of "oops! happy anniversary honey! hope you had a great day yesterday! love you!" 

then in the same year we got married again. and twice at that! they were both lovely weddings and we felt super loved surrounded by people we adore. it would be so cute to get everyone around again for a huge party and introduce blake to them. it would be such a blast!! 

the next year (our first wedding anniversary) we remembered!! woohoo!! and made it into a little trip to hawaii!! it was such a lovely break and we took a short trip to maui and drove down the beautiful road to hana... and we promised ourselves to go back every year! which.. urm we haven't done!! a flight with stopover with the boo sounds anything like a wedding anniversary treat! 

the one daniel remembered! and after work, made me cycle in the snow to our "surprise" dinner location - sato. which, if you're not living in japan, is like the pizza hut of family restaurants. nothing fancy but i had been hunting them down for this unagi set that we ate in nagoya years ago! but it was found in the burbs. and after dinner, we went to a suburban supermarket and were the HAPPIEST people on earth. we are such dorks! 

and that year, with the bubs, muu and relocation to singapore flat out forgot our anniversary!! but it was a very special time and our little fluffy thing is the best baby to have first! i swear if we had blake first, we would be done done! :) 

and then our whirlwind of boys for our next anniversary! im sure we snuck in a dinner date to somewhere nice but i don't remember at all! i do remember getting dressed up for a national day pool party!! and actually we stopped taking pictures of food. if the picture doesnt have blake or muu, we don't keep it anymore!! how times have changed...

and this year, we got to spend our anniversary in cambodia! just the two of us!!
yayy! i promise we'll do better next year! maybe we'll be gutsy and take the flight to hawaii! :) 

p.s. love you, muffin! you're the best thing in my life still! 



  1. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your holiday in Cambodia!

    1. thanks my love! so lucky to still have so much fun with him! :)

  2. miss you crazy kids. happy anniversary!

  3. happy anniversary!! unbelievable. you guys look the same throughout the years!

    1. i wish! i was such a baby when i first met daniel! :) i blame him for any wrinkles or bags i've acquired over the years!


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