Wednesday, June 18, 2014

where the sky so blue...

phew! we've recently recovered from a bout of bad health! within a week, all the boys were down with stomach flu and ear infections (the two littler boys!) sheeeze! left me running around like a headless chook chasing them down with medicine, running loads of laundry..  not pretty at all!

in desperate times like that, the WORST idea is to start working on vacation pictures.. because, damn it felt like a long time ago!!

because of the amazing time we had at potato head, we booked in a late morning slot for the entire family to go together. we opted for a poolside but indoor lounge area instead of the trendy cabanas because mum is sun-phobic! but it turned out a much better idea because theres only THIS much sun one can take in one afternoon! 

my brother & beautiful nora! 

it was a brilliant day for poolside action and the crowd this time was much more beautiful than last! its seasonal, i tell ya! :) 

the little guy wasted NO TIME and jumped right into the pool!

with my mum in her bathing suit!! woot woot! 

while the bigger kids headed out to the beautiful water and body surfed!! and us... we sat and ordered drinks galore and tonnes of piping hot chips! woohoo!!


gotta love the sun and water combi! it gets him every single time!!

love potato head! its definitely one of our favorite places in bali! 

now can someone explain why there isn't something similar to this in singapore? 



  1. Sorry your boys were sick - that doesn't sound fun at all. However Bali looks amazing - definitely on my bucket list of places to visit!!!

  2. only TBC at sentosa comes as close PotatoHead.

    1. Its just not the same!! especially on weekends with the skimpy bikini girls traipsing around!!! i feel like i dont have 100% of my boys' attention!!


  3. They just opened in Singapore!
    No idea where though..


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