Friday, June 27, 2014

reflections this rainy morning...

when blake was littler, i desperately wished he came with a manual. i googled everything endlessly in search for the perfect solution. i research every single whinge, every failed nap, every tear brought to my bubba's eye. i was convinced there was always a better way, a fail-proof way to do things.. and i was failing because i have never done it before. and i was never maternal. 

it was MY fault. 

but then i realized that there is no one magic method. and what works for that lovely kid that doesn't fuss might never work for mine. so i guess we keep loving him the way we do.. and work through each little milestone (and tantrum) in his life.

and have faith that its through all these little bumps along the way that we build his wonderful personality and show him (ideally with patience and endless love) how things are done. and trust that in holding his heart close to ours, he will one day realize that us parents' don't know any better.. but damn we're trying our very best! 

bless your little growing heart, blakie! 
we love you tonnes! 

and have a blessed weekend!



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