Wednesday, March 13, 2013

thai tantric at orchard towers

when we first moved to our place, we had a few food recommendations in our area.. 
one that always raises our brows is this ellusive thai restuarant in orchard towers. firstly.. orchard towers. dodgey to the max!! secondly... these recommendations always came from friends' husbands! *raise brows* 

hehe.. but always with disclaimers that they've "heard" or they "only come for the food".

we've since explored orchard towers a little.. and tried the thai restaurants recommended. and thai tantric is our favorite! it doesn't look very fancy from the outside but i always take that as a sign of good food! 

we've not had a bad meal there ever and our favorites are their basil chicken (& beef), pad see ew, sambal kangkong and green curry!

not sexy looking but sooo yums! and i love their personal service! they started recognizing us and always rearranges their tables so they can accommodate blake's stroller. yup.. you heard it right.. we take our baby to the grubbiest of all places!!

guess what? he loves the neon lights and the crazy thumping music on weekends!! 

there was once we were having a civilized dinner with my parents. all serious and proper.. when a whole bunch of really hot girls strut past.. and if my folks weren't there, we'd both turn our heads, drop the baby and gawk.. but we were trying to behave like responsible parents so we were discreetly making eyes and kicking each other under the table. gahhhh we obviously need to grow up! 

thai tantric
03-23 orchard towers
opening hours :: 1100 - 1500 & 1800 - 0300

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  1. We LOVE the dodgy food joints in Singapore. You just can't beat them for delicious, simple food. We avoid the upmarket eateries when we visit Singapore. Hawker centres and food courts are the best for us. My favourite is Food Republic. Why don't we have cheap, yummy street food in Australia?


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