Monday, March 11, 2013

diy :: easy home arrangement

over the weekend, the husband brought home a huge bunch of pompom (one of my favorite flowers!!) and since there's a glass bowl we got from japan that hasn't been feeling the love, i thought to use it in my arrangement!!

i didn't have any oasis florist foam with me.. so i prepped the bowl with some scotch tape.. on hindsight, it wasn't sticky enough! the cheaper variation is better! 

a lattice to form a base for the arrangement..

start from the base going clockwise...

and when you're done, move to second level..
takes a bit of patience and rejigging but its quite easy!

a little sunny arrangement for the coffee table!!

have a lovely week ahead! 



  1. cute!! i love billy balls too. there's something so happy about them!

    1. they're called billy balls!? how ccuuuuttte!!! :) do you get them in japan!?

  2. You are indeed a very intelligent girl. So glad to have discovered your journal by chance. Just want to say , I am grateful to you for sharing all your intelligence. God Bless!

  3. Very pretty hun! Would explore this soon!!

  4. That's really pretty! I love these yellow poms! <3


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