Friday, November 23, 2012

letters from doggie :: thirty five

hi guys! :) my little bro is taking his first nap of the day! at seven freakin' am!!
isn't that crazy?? most normal people are just waking up now!

late last week, i had a little visitor come see me!

that's right!! you heard me right! come visit ME!

*runs around to chase my tail*

not to be petty.. but most people come visit the baby and while they're here, they realize that im actually cuter so they spend more time with me. but this time, it was all about ME! :) this little friend is a distant relative who is mortified of doggies! his whole family is dead afraid of dogs. so he came to visit so he can overcome his fear! how brave right?

so we made friends. we shook hands. he (kinda) fed me snacks. 
he petted me and finally got talked into taking a picture with me. 
excuse the awkward pose. he was freaked out and held me in an uncomfy position.. 

but all's good and we're good buddies now! after he took this picture he exclaimed "wow! i can feel the doggie's heartbeat". and mami asked him "was it beating fast?" and in all seriousness, he said "not as fast as mine". how funny! kids really say the darnest things!!

hope he grows up to love doggies. because we're really not scary creatures!

oh! my little bro is fussy. gotta run to see what he needs!

wuff ya! xx,


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