Wednesday, October 10, 2012

quotes :: ella ella eh

am obviously not american but definitely a quote i live by! :) 


  1. hahaha that's so true! i never used to even own an umbrella until I moved to tokyo!

  2. oh wait no - i did own one (i couldn't resist at the store - it was too designer and cute), but i never used it. i ended up lending it to my mom for her travels. i don't think any of my family members in the states use umbrellas when at home either! but my relatives in canada do! that's so interesting!

    1. heehee! :) i didn't own one in the states too! it didn't seem like a big deal since we were always driving from door to door!! but tokyo totally CHANGED my life. i now own a collection of brollies that i NEVER bring out anyway! hahaha


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