Tuesday, September 25, 2012

local eats :: chin chin eating house

my favorite thing about being in singapore is the food!! 

we've been so well-fed in the last few week, i've given up on my "1kg per month weight gain" plan. 
kapoot. outta the window. done and done.
we'll worry about it later!

soft delish mapo toufu, i blame you!

we were in town running some errands and decided to fix up my hainanese pork chop craving! so we did a quick google search and found ourselves at purvis street! home of humble coffee shops with tonnes of yumminess! 

the pork chops were soft and very generous in serving! 
and i love drizzling sauce over my rice...
maybe its a family thing! my mom does it too!

we balanced the evils and had a little bit of chup chye (mixed veggie) which was yummy too but i prefer my grandma's. its a little more well cooked through! the taste was pretty similar though!!

ooooo the name of this coffeeshop reminds me of this funny story. we had our best friends visit us in japan and each time we clinked glasses, our sweet friend would say boisterously "...chin chin!!" (cheers in italian). and we would get awkward glares from diners and chef-y peeps in the restos. until daniel told us, much later, that in japanese, "chin chin" refers to little boys' bits!!! lol

so "chin chin, my friends!"

chin chin eating house
19 purvis street
open daily :: seven to nine in the evening
price :: around $25 for way too much food for (2) peeps.



  1. Singapore indeed has the best food in the world. We eat like pigs when we visit Singapore!

    1. doesn't it? and the full range of different cuisines and prices really bowl me over all the time!

  2. since the japanese translation is my reference point for "chin chin," i laughed so hard at the title of this post! too funny!

    1. totally right? that was the first thing i thought of too!!! :)


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