Monday, September 10, 2012

im addicted to....

.. pre-natal massages.

i've always been a huge fan of a good rub-down and the lovely aromatherapy that lingers 
after a visiting to the spa but i've reached a whole new level of obsession.

it all started with traditional post-natal massage. for the uninitiated, this is something really popular in asia. they believe that after the delivery of your child, the female body is "cold" and need a boost in nutrition and tender loving care. the traditional remedy is a month of confinement practices that vary from delicious home-made dishes, help with housechores, a whole bunch of superstition in between and my favorite part, a traditional massage!

this involves a lovely lady visiting you in your home everyday to massage your sore body, rid the aches and "wind" in your body and wrap you snugly like a swaddle to help your tummy shrink and regain its elasticity. im not sure about the wind and the swaggling. but yes to the everyday massage! 
so i've been REALLY excited about this post-natal practice.
and started "interviewing" massage ladies!! :) 
(one can't be too thorough with research, right?)

 {from pinterest}

i arranged to meet the first lady (auntie n) for a massage. thing is, i enjoyed the massage so much that i see her on a weekly basis now!!
each time she leaves, i'd have had an awesome toe-curling massage, smell like lemongrass and a bellyful of giggles. not quite the most serene massage but i feel great after seeing her each time! 
she also gives the funniest family advice. 

daniel was on leave one day and auntie n, who felt sorry for the poor guy who kept checking in on us, gave him his own pre-natal massage. and he has since fallen in love with her. and is excited each time auntie comes to visit me!

what's your favorite preggo perk?
what will you look forward to when you have a bun in the oven? 



  1. The pre and post natal massages were definitely my favourite pregnancy perk too! Speaking of which I am so in need of a massage, haven't had one since Karissa was a month old!

    1. yes you totally dooooo!! :) both of you deserve a long spa retreat!! :)

  2. I felt really bloated and out of sorts (with my internal organs all over the place, seriously) after the delivery and the post-natal massages really sorted me out. I adored my massage lady and was so sad when my sessions with her ended!

    1. i wonder if post-natal massages can go on for life!!! if so, sign me up!!

  3. Hi Zhing, I was blogs hopping and came across yours. A down to earth yet an awesome heart warming blog you have. I am also very into pre-natal massage, may I ask more details about the masseur you are engaging? Is she a freelancer or attach to spa centre? Hope to hear from you.

  4. she's freelance! if you like, drop me an email at littleprojectsinstyle at gmail and i'll give you her contact! :) x


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