Thursday, June 21, 2012

:: take me out to the ballgame ::

it's baseball season in japan and daniel, who is a huge fan of the game, has been a couple of times. each time i've managed to dodge the bullet and allocate suitable baseball mates to encourage him to watch with but he comes home with such hilarious stories of the cheers, and funny player names and the food that i decided i needed to check it out...

my favorite part.... the cheerleaders! 

pre-game snackies! japan does fabulous game food! yakitori, takoyaki, ramens, hotdogs, fishcakes on a stick, icecream, popcorn...! all the novelty of western world with the intricate touch of the japanese.
i had so much fun picking out our snacks!

got a game souvenir, a teeny tiny "yakult swallows" (home team) cheerleading brolly...

beer girls with backpacks filled with beers!! it took us a while to pick our favorite girl!!

we got fabulous seats in the premium area so there was more space to spread out my snacks (very important to do). but our team supporters were fabulous! there were chants and cheers and dances and so much enthusiasm!!

and when we got a homerun, we're meant to whisk out our brolly and do a brolly dance! 
it was fun! but too bad our team didn't have that many homeruns!!
(and our team lost!) oh bummer!

maybe better luck next game, peeps! :)

p.s. i do want to note that despite supporting the yakult swallows on their home ground, i was rather bummed that i was unable to find a single bottle of yakult in the whole stadium! what the what?



  1. I love going to the games... the excitement in the stadium makes it so much fun even though i may not know what the game is about :)

  2. hahahah same here! But im trying to make an effort to learn! :)

  3. The ballgame in Tokyo looks a lot more fun than the one we went to in Boston! Well, the food looks better anyway. ;p

    1. they're just so different! :) but i must agree that the food was more spectacular and well packaged in tokyo! we're going to another one again this weekend!!!

  4. i went to a ballgame with my co-workers this past friday. it was definitely an interesting experience!

  5. did they have epicly yummy food too?? maybe dukbokgi!? i love that stuff man!!


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