Tuesday, June 12, 2012

letters from doggie :: thirty-two

hi guys!

been a while! have you missed me? shame i couldn't go on vacay with my parents because i think i could have totally fit in mami's purse.. but international customs are such a pain in the behind.

talk about behinds...

i've fallen off the (health) wagon a little. you've heard about our little news, right? 
i've been really excited and supportive for months, 
i slept in lots with mami and whenever she snacked, i got a little something too..

and then.....
i stopped being 2.7kg and put on a grand total of 0.8 kg (!!!)
that's MAJORRRRR!!!

"i don't wanna look at the scale..."

im not the only one! apparently, other dads also put on sympathy weight but
my folks have started portion-controlling (sucks!!!) &
i'm also going for long walks with mami.

but fear not!! i can still squeeze into tight corners!!

muu the fatty bumbums


  1. hehehe but he can still manage to run marathons!

  2. my fat cat is 7 kilos!! muuu is light weight in comparison!!!! ewok's been overweight and has been on a diet for the past 3 years: obesity management kibble and we halved his wet food portion. he secretly steals the other cats food when we're not watching. incorrigible. very hard to monitor.........

    by the way, congratulations poppet!!!! i have been reading, but haven't had time to leave a congratulatory comment!!!!!! mini-Allender sure stinking cute. raaawwwwr. very geram. i gotta get it on man. my ovaries are twitching rather violently. when you do pop!!! i sure die of cuteness overload. haHahaha!!

    1. hahaha ewok! thats a funny name!! love!!! and obseity management kibble and stealing others' kibble? too funny!!

      p.s. thanks so much!! and thanks for the cheerleading!! i've missed you!! xx

  3. awww poor muumuu! portion controlling does suck!!

    1. it does! he looks famished half the time! :( poor buddy...

  4. Looks like Sparky is in good company as well.. He's on a diet too! He's put on like 0.8 kg too but according to the vet, he needs to lose at least 2 kg! Sigh...

    1. poor sparky! y'know daniel did his quick math and told muu "woah! that's like papi putting on 10 kg in a week!!"

      im sure that made him feel so much better! :)


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