Saturday, May 19, 2012

weddings :: the best friends' wedding

i came home last night to the most awesome surprise ever! :)

after seeing it all week on instagram, i finally got mine!!

all the other girlies got their invites addressed to "mrs brad pitt", "mrs robert pattinson", etc.
so i was excited to see if i was gonna be "mrs david beckham" or "mrs ed westwick". 
but apparently once you're married, you're stuck for life.

(plus this morning, mr allender woke up early, made us breakfast on the stove and let me and muu sleep in a little more. so i've made my peace with it.. )

 but seriously how rad is this invite? check out the clothing labels on the right to represent the date.
adorbs. just like the two of them to come up with something fabulous like that.

our rsvps are in the mail.. 
now to figure out something hot to wear!



  1. OMG that invite is spectacular!!! the typography and adorable details! OMG love it!!! what a great start to a wedding.. and full of personality!

    1. thought you'd really like it too!! :) soooo cute!! i can't wait to see the decor!

  2. The invite is so cute! love the owl logo and the yes the clothing label is ingenious!!


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