Wednesday, May 16, 2012

good things :: new reads

a belated thank you for all your lovely advice on this post, it really made me feel better that im not alone! and im working on all your awesome tips, especially the ones that include liquid courage! 

my very own sweet daddy bought me this book after he read it too...

and dropped it off when he was in town!
(thank you, dad!!)

when daniel saw it in my bedtime reads, he said, "babe, you really have a problem, i know. i don't feel like you talk enough." what a smartypants.

anyhow, my folks have come and gone. and i miss them already! but they are off to their next leg of their travels - hawaii!!
i could do with some shrimp trucking right this second!




  1. Let me know if the book helps. I'm real shy in person too...

  2. really? i couldn't tell! :) i'll send it your way when im done if its good!



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