Wednesday, April 18, 2012

letters from doggie :: thirty

hello everyone,

today i wanted to share a few pictures from around our home. mami thinks its kinda rude but y'know she took these pictures so... can't comment about that. 

 you know i adore my papi a lot. 

but he works up a little bit of angst about urm.. life sometimes. 
and starts telling us long elaborate stories... 
usually its at bedtime which is fantastic but this morning, he got started again...

the story was soooo good my eyelids felt heavier by the second... 

"urm... i was totally paying attention. you were saying mr takeda did this.. and then she said that, right?" 

sorry papi.
 next time, i'll try to stay awake..
k. love you.



  1. sweetie pie. sleep is only temporary.

    1. you're the kindest!! :) his daddy was not so impressed... :)


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