Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the little valentines surprise reveal

sorry it was all cloak and whispers around here yesterday! but i had been planning this little project for the husband for months!

i got the "on-the-hour" downloadable stickers off thirty handmade days.

so every 14th minute on the hour, there was a pressie waiting to be opened!

i thought it would be a nice thing to do because while he sloggin' the day away, we are our having the time of our lives and shopping up a storm. and because he's such a sweetheart!

 i had so much fun buying and putting together everything!! it was filled with daniel's favorite goodies :: his favorite candy, professional cheese grater, a set of spoons he has been looking for since 19 (!), beer mugs, mochi cheesy bites he is obsessed with, bamboo ipad pen, new homey slippers to replace his ratty ones..

 a bottle of bubbly to end the day with.. 

:: the verdict ::
his favorite ::  the pasta machine
least expected :: the spoons

funny fact :: if it were me, i'd totally be opening my presents while taking pictures and have you girlies ooh & ahhh over each item with me. but he opened each of his presents crouched under his desk and giggling delightfully and sending delightful messages to his wife.

project success!!
hope you darlings had a fabulous day celebrating with your lovebugs!! 



  1. i love the gift wrapping!! good job, zhing! :) so much love. taro only got a heart-shaped PB&J for breakfast. lol

  2. wow, so he lugged all the presents to work! nice!!

  3. wow. this took so much effort and thought!!! my husband almost read this post.... phew!! managed to jump over to another window just in time. otherwise, he's send me off to buy HIM presents for next year. then i'd be saying, "geee. thanks Zhing for spoiling the market" :P

  4. Thank you SO much for the comment on my post about this! I'm so happy that you did it and that he loved it. Happy happy Valentine's day! xo

  5. Such a great idea! Lucky husband ^_^

  6. @kennytricia

    he sure did! in a huge backpack! :) poor guy just called at lunch whining "i don't have anything to open today... sucks!!!" haha

  7. @ohmyomiyage

    well at least he got breakfast (and every other day of the year) daniel makes his own breakfast and our dinner!

    taro wins all round! :)

  8. Aw what a sweet way to treat your valentine! Looks like heaps of fun.

  9. That's fabulously romantic hun!! LOVE the idea!! Well done!!

  10. Awwww!!!!! That is the cutest I ever heard! You are the BESTEST ever and I bet Daniel agrees! :D

  11. Aww hun! That is super sweet! I can't imagine the time you've taken to plan and execute. *kowtows*

  12. So sweet! If I ever were to receive such a treat, I don't think I could even deal with the thoughtfulness overload. Well, I know what idea I'll be stealing next year! xx

  13. New reader here and what a post to blow someone away! so much heart, awesome possum :)

  14. @Janice

    i try! the ONE day in the whole year i pull such tricks! :)

    i even woke up at the same time as him that day!! *extra points*

  15. Oh wow, that is super romantic! Lucky Daniel!

  16. @Mag

    indeed! :) i was teasing daniel that its tradition that on white day (march 14) japanese men "pay back" by gifting 3 times as much as they received on valentines!

    in which case, he owes me big time!! :) haha!


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