Monday, November 28, 2011

thanksgiving luncheon:: some foodie shots

we were invited to a thanksgiving meal with my co-workers over the public holiday mid last week. and the wonderful chef daniel rolled up his sleeves and made my this amazing thanksgiving spread. the potato latke with smoked salmon and truffled quail egg starter was the perfect beginning...

these biscuits were handmade by the ladies in our group..

chestnut stuffing was sooo delish!

truffle mash! 

and the male lead goes to the maple scented baked turkey! 
served with foie gras gravy and classic cranberry merlot sauce... 
soooo indulgent...
and fed all 10 of us with plenty of leftovers for turkey sandwiches and soup!
it was an intense afternoon of wining and dining...

and finished up with triple pie madness from ted's kitchen!

what i enjoy most about these luncheons is the mise en place. we roll up bright and early to help out with the cutting and chopping.. just like culinary class 101!! one of the most interesting tasks was peeling potatoes... just kidding!!! daniel and i were tasked to sort out the little truffle quail eggs. with the chef's permission, i'll be sharing some tips on how to boil a perfect egg

meanwhile, hope you're having a lovely monday morning!!



  1. Greetings from California. It's still Sunday evening in here. You have a nice blog. Please, come visit mine. Looking forward to your new posts.

  2. truffles!! omg, truffles are the best.thing.ever.

  3. @Ms.Godzilla

    they are, aren't they!? i don't believe i was all "meh!" about them before!! :)


  4. i didn't get turkey this year /sad face. how are the boys doing?

  5. that's so yammy!!!! love it!!! come and visit our blog too!:) kiss

  6. @E. Kay

    awww why not? thanksgiving is not a big deal in hk?

    the boys (im assuming work boys..) are great!

  7. yumm!!! the food looks awesome!


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