Monday, November 7, 2011

in the kitchen:: "better with frosting" cupcake party

last week, my girlfriend & me got together & threw a girlie cupcake party. for ourselves. just because. we are both are huge dessert aficionados that spend all our afternoons (and money) hunting down pretty desserts! someday she should really feature the tasty and dainty sugary treats we find in japan. it would be so much fun.. but for now, back to our tea party! 

we had two things on our cupcake menu:: red velvet cupcake & hazelnut ganache.

in japan, its kinda difficult to find ingredients for baking. perhaps we're not looking at the right places but regular supermarket stocks some pre-mades but only limited supply of baking flour, sugar and regular things we take for granted back home. so we hunted down the international supermarket for some of our ingredients..  always an adventure living in japan!

hmm... chocolate!!! 

jen's newest acquisition for the party! so much fun!! 

yummy hazelnut crunch waiting to be filled with ganache..

iced and prettied!!

red velvety powder

not the prettiest sight when it came out from the oven...

 but everything looks prettier frosted.
 we got some tips from our fabulous chef/co-workers on the hazelnut ganache (roll it in flour so it doesn't separate!! who knew!) so we'd be trying it again soon!!

my super glamorous take-away box!!

i always leave jen's place inspired to do more, make prettier things or learn more! aren't these the best kinda friends? i hope everyone had one or two pals like her up your sleeves. i have a fun (and dead easy) tutorial from this party to share shortly!! 

keep calm & eat cupcakes!



  1. How fun!! The cupcakes look amazing.

    Is the red velvet powder just colouring or it's specially made for red velvet cupcakes...? As you can see I have never ever baked in my life!

  2. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    its a mixture of red coloring & non-sweet cocoa powder! part of its ingredients! :)

  3. your pictures always look so amazing :) thanks for the shout out! every time we hang out, I think I dream up at least 3 other things that we need to do in the future. The list is growing so quickly! We should make a bucket list of things to accomplish!

  4. hehe thanks! you're my role model :) xoxo


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