Sunday, October 23, 2011

pet haircut & hotel in tokyo - dog & cafe with

this pet business is totally lucrative in japan. the clothes, treats and products are everywhere and many times, fancier than human options. we fell in love with a fabulous skinny sweater with fur trim over the weekend, but couldn't bear to part with 6800 yen (~$90!).

when we tell our friends that musashi's haircut is more expensive than ours add together, we get a lot of giggles. but truth is, we're serious. and musashi goes for a trim more often than we do!! so we try to wait it out until he's this fuzzy or when he starts skidding around our hardwood floors. whichever comes first.

it's time, muu!

when we first adopted musashi, we walked into this darling little pet cafe near shinjuku and played charades to show what we wanted him to look like. (puppy on his face, short on his bumbums, tassle tail and chicken feet, thank you.) on hindsight, a picture would have been so much easier.

the cutest thing is, each time we call for an appointment for a maltese, before we get to his name... they'd shriek "musashi!!" and they are always so enthusiastic each time he visits. we'd like to think that its because he's special. either that or our japanese is that atrociously bad.

they've recently moved even closer to our hood which is fabulous! the ladies took us on a tour of their new shop and we love it. its fancy-schmancy and a whole lot more spacious. they did away with the cafe but expanded their pet hotel quarters. there is even a teeny-tiny dog run indoors in the store for small dogs!! how darling.

who's this dashing young man!!

they do not speak a lot of english but they make it up in enthusiasm and try extra hard by translating everything for us using their phones. i definitely recommend their services to pet-lovers in tokyo!

pet grooming:: dog + cafe with
contact:: 03-3350-1041


  1. very dashing indeed! =) I love the freshly groomed look too.

  2. @fernoftheforest79

    and how soft their hair feels when they come back from grooming! :) we keep patting him!

  3. Awww your dog is so cute! So nice to have come across your blog. Catherine x

  4. @kennytricia

    im with you! :) but unfortunately his hair gets so long he starts skidding on our hardwood floors... poor munchkin!

  5. Awwww I get this warm fuzzy feeling whenever I see photos of Muu! :D I reallly can't wait to set up my own family home with our own special mutt. Unfortunately I'm quite atopic (eczema, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic sinusitis and hayfever) but I'll have a read around and do some research into if there are specific coat-length or something that plays a part in allergies? Do you know of any of that kind of stuff?

    And it's so lovely that the groomers are enthusiastic! I think you wouldn't want to leave him in anyone else's hands!

  6. @Jian

    i have some sinus issues but not as serious generally. but among the doggie types, usually they say short hair dogs are best with kids with allergies. and with musashi (maltese) their breed has hair, not fur. and they don't shed as much!! i think there might be a few other breeds out there!!

    yes we're obsessive parents like that! :)



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