Friday, September 16, 2011

birthdays gifts.

i'll save my "woe is me.." speech till my actual birthday but im in a pickle here. 
but a good kinda pickle, i guess. 
i've come to realize the older you get, the more difficult it is to pick presents. 

not to be rude. cos he's not THAT old... 
but a few years ago, i completely ran out of ideas for my dad. and i got him a premium membership at the library (!!) he could loan as many documentary DVDs as he like. but i felt like an ass. cos this man paid for my education and everything i own till today. and i got him a membership at the public library?? i'd disown me. but what are you to do when a man has all the red ties he can imagine and all he wants is a $5 dinner with us, right? 

i kinda miss the good old days where you save up and get a friend a handmade gift,
nice make up, perfume or a nice dinner!

so back to the good kinda pickles. i guess its a sign that we're a privileged bunch but my husband asked me what i wanted for my birthday. and typically the answer would be another celebration ring 
(hence the picture for this post)  
but i already have enough jewellery.
and if i really did stack them all, i'd look like snoop dogg here.
not a good look...

so help a girl out here, what do grown ups get for birthdays?
or what did you get/ask for this year? 



  1. Hey it's me!!!

    I agree with you that it's harder. Mine is coming up and i seriously don't know what i want. I want it to be something useful and not too pricey.

    I think i'll ask for a pair of glasses. :)

  2. @seishouai

    hihihi!!! :) dude! im totally thinkin useful and not pricey. such a wifey thought right??

    sunglasses?? or prescriptive glasses? thats a good one cos you wear it everyday, huh?

  3. Agree with that! I didnt know what I wanted either. So my hub bought me a hearty dinner and took a raincheck and will probably get me the new iPhone when it's out ( I'm still using the iPhone 3G ... sadness)
    He got me a tattoo for my 30th though :)

  4. @Janice

    iphone and tatt sounds like an awesome combination! :) thanks for your ideas!

    p.s. im glad im not the only one having this problem!!


  5. Well i dabbled with pottery, it was something I always wanted to try. It was very fun and we made bowls.

  6. @Joyce

    as in pottery lessons!? that sounds like a fun idea!!

  7. I unfortunately am of no use, I believe I am possibly the world's worse gift giver! I do however think you'd look fab as a female version of Snoop Dog -

    How about a days pampering at a day sap - relaxation!

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  9. @Helen

    ahhh after so many years you still crack me up!! :) a day sap sounds like a great idea!! xxxx

  10. has he ever chose and bought a dress? it'll be like that "box of chocolates",...

  11. I have absolutely no idea too, but something pretty which you can use often can't go too wrong? Maybe a watch?

  12. A shared experience?
    A course?
    A really frivolous buy that you wouldn't usually indulge in?
    A day of favourites? :)

  13. oh boy, it's always the practical stuff, and i usually receive gadgets from my partner. guess i'm geeky to him! :P

    anything that you want badly and will use/wear often? hee i reckon he will be contented to see you enjoying the pressie ;)

  14. *wails. I forgot when your birthday is!! can you whatsapp me?
    T and I are practical creatures. We ask each other what we want for special occasions. He typically prefers to gift me with jelwery as he finds it more personal and close. So far, he's given me that, bag (pays for one side of it cos it's too much for the full :P), shoes (but I'm superstitious so I don't allow him to pay 100% for it), and for you - could be a nice bag so that you can use it regularly, art crafts stuff - better sewing machine, credits to etsy or something if that exists, crafts tools, cooking classes together so you can have time together for the 8 lessons etc! Oh. A brother/sister for Muu? :P Another maltese!!!! Muu and Buu! *pew bew

  15. Hey gal, I have this tiffany charm bracelet which i always add another charms to whenever i travel to a new country. Stan pays for this charm collection :)

  16. @fenzc

    im super fussy with clothes!! plus i might hurt his feelings if i never ever wear them!! :)

  17. @Jace Tay

    hence the celebration rings!! a watch is a great idea! maybe its time to look into a proper watch!!

  18. @Tricia

    a day of favorites.. *teehee* now you're talking!! xx

  19. @ladytricia

    gadgets are great! but im a complete doofus when it comes to tech-y things! :) what kinda gadgets do you get?? it sounds like a useful gift!! :)

  20. @Andrea

    ya im all about the shoes.. but we've never gotten shoes for each other..

    TEEHEEEEEEE!! i totally told daniel about the buu and he rolled his eyes. we nearly adaopted a sausage this week..

  21. @samantha-evons

    i did charm too! the bracelet was the same but we did charms from cities we've been to!! i'll see if i can take a picture one day when i go back home!

    its so chunky it's starting to sound like cowbell! lol

  22. A day of pampering combined with lovely treats at all ur favourite places. Sometimes its not about the gift itself but the act of giving? Or some classes that ud like to have. ;)

  23. @Yingjie

    day of pampering sounds goood! :) but im pretty pampered everyday already as it is! lol

  24. i got me a bag this year. one can never have enough bags right :) i'm aiming for a proper watch next...

  25. @kennytricia

    bags & watch. that's the kinda of progression im talking about! :) thanks for the ideas, hon!


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